Max R.

Texts (now part of Automattic) is a unified messenger for all of your platforms. It brings together all of your DMs from everywhere on the internet into one convenient app.
I worked on user-facing app features, deeper system integration and parts of the iOS app.

Native Bridge

One thing I'm particularly proud of is hidden behind a tiny "Render without Electron" checkbox. This allows the app to be rendered via `WKWebView` and use Swift layer for native OS integration instead of using Electron.

It reduces the memory usage significantly, unlocks features like native HEVC decoding, speeds up animations and visual effects like blur and is overall just the best thing ever.

Other things

Aside from the big one, I worked on overall improvements and feature additions to the app, the biggest of which is yet to ship, so I can't talk about it just yet, but when they do put it out, it'll be a game changer.

Among the smaller ones were:

  • Updated video UI
  • New audio player & global audio controls
  • Quick replies
  • Custom icon selection
  • Filters pane
  • New onboarding experiences
  • Thread labels
  • Audio message transcribing
  • PDF previews
  • Browser extensions
  • ...and about 100+ smaller improvements and additions

Give a try, I promise, you're gonna love it. Just don't ask me for an invite 🙈