Max R.

Convertable Calculator

The story of the app

The idea of the app came to me during Daily UI challenge. The theme was ”Calculator” and I came up with the idea of a calculator that converts currencies for you.

The app has been turned black since, cause dark mode rageThe app has been turned black since, cause dark mode rage

After a while, I actually built the app selfishly for myself, but then I decided to put it up in the App Store for everyone else.

How it works

The app has 3 screens: calculator, history, and settings.
The app is designed to be very minimal, so settings view consists of ”realtime calculation” switch and a list of currencies to choose from. The app supports 155 currencies including Bitcoin. 

Calculator view is the primary view of the app. It has the number pad and two sliders to sellect a currency pair. Top slider is ”convert from” and bottom slider is ”convert to”.
The way the app works is it calculates the thing, but it displays the result already converted to your target currency. 

History view displays all your previous calculations and information about the app.

The tech

React Native. It's, yeah, it's React Native. A calculator is only marginally above a todo list, so there isn't really much to discuss tech-wise. But it works :)


Give it a shot yourself and leave a review if you like it (or if you don’t) and feel free to check out my other work, you might find some of the projects interesting as well.